Pricing Plans

1 Weeks Subs
$ 25
  • Daily 1000-1500 Plays
  • Likes, Repost, Comments
  • Recent 5 tracks
  • Gain 100 Followers
  • Total delivery: 35K Plays
  • [35K/7d=5K/n New tracks]
2 Weeks Subs
$ 50
  • Daily 1000-1500 Plays
  • Likes, Repost, Comments
  • Recent 5-8 tracks
  • Gain 200 Followers
  • Total delivery: 70K Plays
  • [70K/14d=5K/n New tracks]
3 Weeks Subs
$ 75
  • Daily 800-1000 Plays
  • Likes, Repost, Comments
  • Recent 8-10 tracks
  • Gain 500 Followers
  • Total delivery: 100K Plays
  • [100K/21d=5K/n New tracks]
4 Weeks Subs
$ 100
  • Daily 800-1000 Plays
  • Likes, Repost, Comments
  • Recent 10-12 tracks
  • Gain 700 Followers
  • Total delivery: 150K Plays
  • [150K/30d=5K/n New tracks]

Soundcloud Package Subscription

If you buy weekly Subscription, you will get Daily Plays and some engagements to your New Uploaded Tracks. Choose the above packages by your budget. Your track will get promoted by this way.

Effective ways of Promotion

While purchasing a service for single tracks promotion, you will get only all plays and engagements to that track. But, If you buy WEEKLY Subscription, you will get Plays and engagements to you NEW TRACKS and regular Followers to your channel/ profile. If you can promote your tracks and Profile by this way, I think you’ll grow effectively.
  • 100% Unique Engagements. 90% may come from Soundcloud and rest from Facebook- twitter.
  • Most of the profiles come from the USA, UK, Canada, and other Europe Countries.
  • Non Drop everything ! If drops a single Likes/Repost/Comment, You can get replacements free.
  • Attractive- Mostly music related and rest of mass users but mixing with gender Male- female.
  • No Nude engagement. If added, You should Block the user immediately.